Sunday, January 6, 2008

This is what floyd wanted

This is what the thievies have they didn't finnish paying for it and their is no user agreement so your thief's. Floyd and Barron Shepperd have no right to use this footage . First we know who the wrestler is. This is what Floyd was after he had the dvd footage but no fight. this is the exclusive footage it was shot in Chicago by my father John F Creeden Jr in 1968 at about 12;30 am at night on the South Side of Chicago. John Creeden Jr and Willian Aguiar Jr were living in his Rush street apartment at the time. They made several trips to Chicago to party and train and train they did. Their were several people present at the time of the taping my father had a knack with cameras and taping they ran an investigative agency back in the day. Thats were Dante and my father clicked as well as Aguiar Jr they all had a flair for the dramatics's

I spoke about all of this with my father today. It would have been a good deal if he didn't involve Radford or Barron and signed the agreement . But they wanted it this way. My father keeps saying no signed agreement no deal they broke it not us. My father is alot wiser than all of you John Cole also. They were their when Christa signed it over. My father was the general manager of House Of Dante. My mother has picture of Christa Dante at thanksgiving meal at my parents house in 74. You people have got nothing about the life he left here . He was very respected here and in the art's.

So Good luck to all your gonna need it when the Court case comes down.