Sunday, January 20, 2008


Some people like "return of the ninja" seem too think that I'm a major contributor to the dislike of Ashida Kim. You have to commit the infraction to be sued for it. The statue of limitations is three years my friend, which your friend Ashida Kim is in violation
seriously he's screwed. I've earned my black belts years ago from several respectable martial artist and from my father who is a Hatchi Dan in several systems. The way I look at things is from a Dantiest stand point. This card was done in 1983 when I was in high school and I was always in the shit. But I always come out smelling like a rose .

But back to Ashida we went threw all the paper work before Billy filed the case. Let the judge see that you can't file a $300 dollar financial affidavit and then hire a $3000 lawyer . Lucy you got some splanning to do.