Tuesday, January 29, 2008


  1. 1. Trademark's Its in "office action" which means that a "mark" looks similar actually 1345 look similar . Billy didn't loose it at all. You can listen to Floyd about him saying that it was dropped from the case. here the link from Justia stating that on the JS-44 form ,a civil cover sheet. That he was sued for copyright not trademark's.
  2. http://docs.justia.com/cases/federal/district-courts/massachusetts/madce/1:2007cv11673/111449/1/1.html

2. Money From my long conversations with Bill, I told you before it was not about the money he was already in violation of copyright in o6 from this link.


Which was never released into the public until 2001 when it was copyrighted. So he's definitely in violation for that. Its not about the money its about playing "Fair". Its really funny that the Judge and lawyers that I've talked to say we have a strong case, and they have nothing to do with this at all. All he had to do was sign the agreements to use what he was using already.

3. Documents don't have to be notarized for them not to be legal, yes it helps but was the Constitution Of the United States of Americas less of a document because it was not notarized.

4. On the World's Deadliest Fighting Secrets 1969 . See guys you never thought that we had the Christa Konrath, Keehan,Dante, Sykes papers that gave House of Dante Inc the right to the intellectual property. On "Dwyer" Billy Jr. new he was a "tool" and that's why he was left out. Also Floyd once said that the person with the "negatives" owns the rights's. Well Billy owns the negatives from Justia from Motion "54" Disclosures


5. On Defense Combat I held the document's from that magazine which gave Billy Jr and my father exclusive use of said images, All Official Karate wanted that they were thanked when using the picture and cover for publication. Sorry Simon your wrong you were a free lance righter their a dime a dozen and hustled all the time. And they used a lawyer at the time anyway's

6. You can't copyright something that you don't own. So what Floyd is saying that Billy father doesn't own the copyright which he copyrighted in 1986. It was copyrighted and excepted in the Library of Congress of the United States of America.

From Motion 70 Supplemental Filing in Support of Preliminary Injuction all was revealed link


It shows all the Christa Letters ,1986 copyright that shows the attachment's and all the copyrights William owns threw will and probate. The filing was so big he sent magazines and all the Barron Shepperd and Floyd Webb violation's. The 2nd attachments was so big that you have to go to court to see it. And all the lawyers have this filing.

7. Sale of my Film, I can sell anything I want in my possession. I can sell "Goodfellas" to Barron and not have to give Martin Scorseses no royalities and copyright. But if Barron took the same film and cut it up for a documentary. Barron would be inviolation of Copyright. They took the film and used it for profit. Its not my fault that they went around the legitimate copyright owner and their trying to use it for profit. To have "exclusive use" their has to be a sign agreement.

Floyd,Barron,Patricio all you had to do was play FAIR. And none of this would have happened Hey Barron ready to fight in Federal Court over your image . I have some t-shirts being made with your image and Floyd's on it.