Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Its seems that you can't get some. Floyd you can't answer a question on Bullshido , also Matt Kiley handed it to Samuel Browning who seems to be an Ashida/Webb supporter know. See Floyd why can't you answer the question. I've reached out to Matt he sent Billy an e-mail wanting to me. He seem quite perturbed by his action's he say he going to help Billy get a lawyer in this you would never now whats going to happen. Maybe we'll get another extension of time, instead of the 15 of February. Who knows I love this shit also going to get help from some people in Alabama, San Francisco, West Palm Beach to help us out.
Also Floyd had the footage from William way before I was involved. Here's the link's to his video's that were posted a year ago
And then this one was posted in 06 way before I was involved.
"Lucy you got splanning to do" copyright misidentification my ass all you have is "Fair Use". Thank's Mr Kiley for that, Newport R.I. is 50 minutes away and we are going to a graduate school and talk to the class . The 1977 transfer from Christa Sykes to House of Dante Inc. to the 1986 copyright to the 1991, 2001 Video copyright and book copyright. Your trying to say that its not binding. You don't think that Black Belt magazine didn't research the ownership. Also in the attachment of the 1986 copyright it states ' Life ,lineage, and the propagation of the system. So you have no right to tell Dante's story. Floyd Webbs Blog citing Tort's /Defamation /Slander for the 81 year old mother thing. Also Barron Shepperd was smart enough to take of his Web-site challenge of Floyd Webb is not . I'm going to do the same thing to him that he did to . So wait for Floyd Webb Blog to come down . That asshole isn't going to slander me. It was pointed out to me that the 81 year old mother thing isn't in the pleading's. Thank's Matt for the head's up I owe you a beer when we see each other. Our meeting will be a Christie in Newport R.I. on 1/1/08 anyone wanting to see the archives can come no cameras please.
Also the footage you see is frame for frame from William DVD's, not mine mine's in color and it isn't shot from a camera. I'm going to give the Beta tape to a court officer and pay for it to be developed and you will see I didn't dupe anybody. SUCKERS hahahahahaha, Floyd I'm warning you you blog is going down, So I'm warning take my name off your blog.Publish Post