Thursday, January 31, 2008

Floyd Webb supports harrasement

From Summ Ones Bumm, Floyd loves puttong this shit up . But Floyd accuses me of the same thing's .

Weve gone threw Murders , Drug accusation's , accusation's of organized crime and so on. Its has all been documented for the slander suit. The funny part is that none of you are going to weather the storm. And Summ ONE'S Bumm ITS FUNNY THAT YOU WILL NOT TELL US YOUR REAL NAME. IT'S FLOYD WEBB ISN'T IT.

From the search for count dante /

"The Aguiar Settlement"
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Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...
Creeden (et al) are just "mini-me's" of their fathers. They should have worded it. That's why they should have aked for one BBIIILLLLIONN dollars .. *pinky to lip*I guess when you get busted in Fall River for "Possession of a Class A Drug" per the Fall River Police log, you may have some legal bills to pay for. They say lawyers are sharks.So to the greedy mini-me's you better have sharks with fricken'laser beams attached to their heads. Cause you're going to need it.