Saturday, January 26, 2008


Ok I bite I got this image from here. from BULLSHIDO .NET
Go contact Samuel Pierce Browning Esquire go send him a DCMA take down we will see if that happens. Also Mr. Browning has sent e-mails pertaining to me being MattKiley which I'm not, a lot of people have been looking at this from everywhere and asking Me whats my take and they strongly agree with me . Even the people in the Federal Library in Boston Court say Billy has such a strong case its in the paper work they tell me.

But from me your a lawyer Sam and I understand you protect the interests of Bullshido, and I could only imagine the headaches you must face. I'm kinda sorry I gave my name and pin to several antagonistic yet colorful personalities I come across in my life. I haven't really turned my friends on yet they want to bomb Bullshido like you guys do to But I've let it be Sam.

Now Barron/Return of the ninja I'm going to sell t-shirts like John Patricio with that image on it. I cant use your shit , But you can use Billy's I don't think so.

Barron took the photo down from the "We train here post" were I tear his Gi apart see it here Bomb while you can
Wear his Gi's is not tailored to his body , I guess he's embarrassed somebody getting a 2nd DAN in judo would now that. That's why Barron Shepperd is a fake guys . Any good Judoka washes it in hot water , tumble dry and go to a tailor and have all the excess cut off giving your opponent less to grab. Those are the basic's learned before you even go on the mat.