Monday, January 7, 2008


Yes he has. He has lawyer ed up they talk about Billy dragging his feet. It's them first Falzone wife having a baby and know Radford Davis has retained counsel. He gets a lawyer and how does he pay for that lawyer with a 300 month financial affidavit he submitted to the court. He knows he screwed. He has filed some of the most ridiculous motion we have ever seen.

Also i would like to address the little talk thats been going around by Floyd Webb. About the letter from Christa and the copyright papers. Floyd states that " its not signed and its not notarized" it don't half to be Floyd. Its like the same situation your trying to hold Creeden too. You can't have both pieces of cake Floyd.

You have no defense but Fair use and that really to the discretion of a jury Not you or me , the jury. That's were the fun really lies but we'll never get their with all these extension's Billy is ready but he fells he will never get their. He wants to see Floyd Webb face to face so he can't dodge him anymore. By writing on a blog and not having the BALLS to be a man and come clean with his dirty dealing. But that what you get for dealing with a street guy like Floyd Webb.

Their are secrets a foot thing happening that you wouldn't believe. And we don't want to work with Floyd were all set with him.

Here's a question

1. Is it the film you want made if we get someone else to do it will that be ok .

2. Or is it Floyd Webb

They were told several times to stop several cease and desists were sent and the letter of the law was followed. And that is why we will win because we followed the letter of the law and their the thieves and infringers . Floyd has done nothing but create havoc and some have questioned his work in the professional field. When they look at the way he has tried to go around a legitimate copyright holder and tried to swindle the original person who shot the footage in question. Who in their right mind would sell footage outright with out an agreement. Please their is more hole in Floyds story and thats why hes not respected in the film industry.